What our Patients Say

Here are some quotes from our Day Hospice patients about the care they receive from Highland Hospice.

“I am delighted to come.  I love coming in every Thursday, it’s like a hotel.  I can’t put it into words.  Nobody knows what happens here before you go to the Hospice to receive care.”

“People come to the Hospice for comfort.  I just love coming - I look forward to seeing different folks and it is something different.”

“It is a pleasure to come into a place and be spoken to nicely.”

“I come because I need help.”

“It’s helpful being able to come in and speak to staff.”

“It’s a comfort to know there is such a place.”

“It’s like a 6 star hotel, 6 star care is given.”

“You don’t just come here in the terminal phase, you come in to get your medication reviewed and to keep well.”



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