Bereavement Support Feedback

The comments below are from people who participated in our 'Living with Grief' group sessions

"I was delighted to find that, with support, it was we group members who led the way in  terms of what happened in the group."

"The group felt very safe. Everyone could be honest about how they felt, with no need to  ‘put a face on’.  We were all going through similar situations and were aware of how others  may be feeling. The group offered me different ideas for dealing with difficult situations I was facing."

"We could understand each other. I gained insight for myself ; the way I am feeling, the  thoughts that I have are very similar to others in similar circumstances."

"I feel in less of a panic now, calmer most days than I was. I am a bit more tolerant of other  people and more accepting of the situation I am now in."

"Being part of the group was a unique experience for me.  It offered a place to raise all the  questions and issues relating to my own grief and to be aware that many others have similar  experiences.  It helped me a lot to be able to share, to laugh and to cry.  I left the group  knowing that I have lots to do to move on and this has helped me to know I will be able to.   It was both a difficult and a positive experience."

"The group was a great support and help for me, at a very tough time."

"The whole group was of great help and strength to each other because everyone was going  through the same kind of pain."

"I would give full marks to everyone involved with these meetings."

"At the first meeting I was nervous, as I did not really know what to expect.  By the second  meeting I knew it was for me."

"I don’t feel alone anymore, as I now know that all the others are going through similar  experiences to me." 

"Knowing I am not the only one to lose a loved one, and hearing about other people’s experiences gave me the kick-start I needed to be able to begin to move forward."

"I found the group helped me very much.  I appreciated being with others who could  completely understand exactly what I am feeling.  The group leaders were also very  empathic and patient."

"We were all in the same position.  We all had so much in common and were all going  through very similar experiences although in our own different ways.  This made me feel I  was not on my own and my thoughts and feelings were part of a natural grieving process."

"I would advise others to take up the opportunity to participate in a group like this. It has  really helped me cope with my own feelings."

"The companionship and the calm of these meetings has helped to bring me some peace  and has given me some hope."

"Meeting other people ‘in the same boat’ as me was comforting and their understanding of  my sadness and loneliness was reassuring and soothing."

"I really appreciated the skill, kindness, and compassion shown by the facilitators."

"As the weeks went by I felt greatly helped by hearing the stories of others. I realised that in  the busyness of my life, a lot of important thoughts and feelings had been buried away and  not dealt with. I am very glad that I decided to join the group."

"I have a very caring circle of family and friends. However, being part of this group of people  who are all so different yet drawn together by a common bond helps my healing at another level that’s hard to explain!"

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