Help the Hospices Patient Survey

Highland Hospice participated in a recent Hospice Patient Survey into patient satisfaction with in-patient and day services patients carried out by Help the Hospices and the Centre for Health Services Studies (CHSS) at the University of Kent. The survey offers hospices the opportunity to monitor their progress over time, to be bench-marked and to compare themselves with other hospices.

The method of data collection was a self-completion questionnaire which was distributed along with an accompanying information letter to in-patients at discharge and to people using day service either on discharge or two months after admission. To reduce bias, questionnaires were filled out by patients at home and then sent back to CHSS, and not the hospice.

From the survey, we found that there were some things that we did that were very highly regarded:

Daycare Services

  • 87.5% of people found the information booklet helpful and easy to understand.
  • 92.3% always had confidence in the staff who were caring for them.
  • 92.3% felt they always had the opportunity to ask questions
  • 100% said they always received answers they could understand.
  • 100% of people felt there were always enough staff and volunteers around to offer help if needed.
  • 100% felt they were treated with respect and dignity.
  • 92.3% of people felt their privacy needs were met.
  • 100% rated the cleanliness of the hospice as excellent.
  • 92.3% rated the activities on offer to participate in as excellent.
  • 92.3% rated the quality of food as excellent.


In Patient Services

  • 100% of people found the information booklet helpful, with no incorrect information.
  • 94.4% of people had confidence in the staff who were caring for them.
  • 100% of people felt that they were always treated with respect and dignity in the hospice.
  • 94.4% felt their privacy needs were always met in the hospice.
  • 94.4% of people rated the hospice's cleanliness as excellent.
  • 100% of people said that the quality of food was always satisfactory.
  • 100% of people were happy with the visiting arrangements at the hospice.
  • 94.4% said that staff explained how to take their medicines in a way they could understand.


However, there were things that we could have done better:

  • 27.8% of in patients reported that they did not have an opportunity to discuss their wishes for future care up until end of life.
  • Only 50% of people said that they noticed notices, posters or leaflets explaining how to complain about the care they were receiving.

We have taken steps to improve in these areas. Please visit You Said We Did for further information.

A comparison with other hospices who participated in the survey can be found in the document entitled 'Help the Hospices Patient Survey Comparison.'


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