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At Highland Hospice we are always striving to improve our services and one of the most important ways that we can do this is by seeking the views of our patients and clients.  A recent survey of In Patients and Day Therapy patients provided really helpful information about changes you would like us to make.

We are very keen to receive any feedback from those who review our services as well as those who use our services.  The purpose of surveys and audits help us to make improvements to our delivery of care.

Examples we have taken to improve our care, following recent feedback from the Help the Hospices Survey  are:

You Said....that you did not have the opportunity to discuss your wishes for future care up until the end of life.

We Did....We have now added a page to the nursing records where your future care wishes will be discussed with you and documented.


You Said....that you did not know how to make a complaint about the service.

We Did....Our admission process has been reviewed, and we will now go over this with you on admission to the In Patient Unit and Netley Day Therapy Centre.


Examples we have taken to improve our care, following recent feedback from the Healthcare Improvement Scotland Report are:

You Said....that you could not always see staff name badges.

We Did....Discussion took place with In Patient Unit staff.  All clinical staff now have clearly visible plastic name badges with large lettering instead of photo ID which is clipped to their pockets.


You Said....that it would be good practice to make available a more public display and feedback of results of audits and surveys.

We Did....We have built an area on this website so that you can view the results of audits, and to show that your results have been acted upon.

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