Family Support

At Highland Hospice, the focus of our care is not limited to the individual who is unwell;  we also offer support and advice to their family and those close to them. The Family Support Service is an important part of our commitment to the importance that these relationships play in life.  The service includes:

Social Work

Our Social Worker can meet with patients and those close to them, individually or together, to offer support with the difficulties of having a life limiting condition, or being close to someone with one. Difficult times can present different challenges depending on our experiences, whether we are in older age, middle age, or still in our youth. Social Work can involve psychological support as well as practical help and advice in varied areas such as benefits funding and organising care packages.


Our Chaplain offers spiritual and pastoral support as well as opportunities for reflection to patients, their relatives and friends, and to Hospice staff and volunteers. This is led by each individual’s unique questions and concerns. Support can come from more formal religious traditions, but can equally be in response to unique spiritual concerns and questions which are not necessarily ‘religious’. Our chaplain can assist with planning life events such as baptisms, weddings and funerals, and can liaise with local churches or other faith groups as needed.

Bereavement Support

Highland Hospice offers support to family and friends of patients following their bereavement. Many people prefer the support of those close to them, but this service is open to those who, for whatever reason, wish to speak with someone outwith their social circle.

Bereavement does not occur in a vacuum, but in the often complex reality of our lives. It can therefore raise widely varied questions and issues. We offer individual counselling in Inverness, and in communities across the Highlands. We also offer the opportunity to work through your bereavement in a group environment. From time to time other events and activities take place to offer support in bereavement. These draw on the expertise of our Chaplain, Social Worker, and other Hospice staff, to remember those who have been so important to us.