Hints and Tips for Fundraisers

Let us know about your plans

If you have plans to run your own fundraising event or are looking for more ideas than we have offered on these pages please contact the Fundraising Team on 01463 246473 or email or through Facebook to let us know and to seek advice.

Make sure you’ve thought of everything

Some activities are easier than others to organise but no matter the scale of what you’re planning make sure you’ve thought of everything.  In addition to the information below we've put together a list of hints and tips to help you along - download it here.

Set yourself and others a target

Think about what you’re planning and how much it might make; consider your costs too and then set yourself a realistic target.  Having something to aim for helps focus your plans and gives a pointer to those taking part or donating on how much support they could consider.

Let us know how you got on

Once the event is over, email a photo and some news on how it went to  You can also post a photo to our Facebook or Twitter page using the hashtag #myHHevent.

Paying in your money

Once the event is over you will want to pay us your money and there are a number of options for that:

  1. Download this form, complete the details and send us a cheque or drop it into the Hospice on the riverside in Inverness
  2. Pay the money directly into our bank account – please call the Fundraising Team on 01463 246473 to get the bank account details and be issued a reference number.
  3. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, call the Fundraising Team on 01463 246473

Publicising your event

If you need a wider audience than just family, close friends and colleagues to make your fundraising a success then you will want to publicise your event.  There are a number of options we can help with such as producing posters and sharing on our Facebook page, but you should also undertake your own publicity.  If you have a Facebook or other social media account this can be very effective.  The local papers may also be interested and are more likely to respond to a contact from you than from us (we send so much information already!).  You can try the following papers:

Highland News / Inverness Courier – 01463 233059 –

Ross-shire Journal – 01349 863436 –

Northern Times – 01408 633993 –

John O’Groat Journal / Caithness Courier – 01955 607060 –

Nairn-shire Telegraph - 01667 453258

Forres Gazette – 01309 672615 –

The Oban Times / West Highland Times – 01397 703003 -

Fundraising materials

When you are organising your own event in aid of Highland Hospice, we can offer a range of support materials to help things run smoothly.

Sponsor Forms

We can create personalised sponsor forms for you and your friends - ideal for pinning down family and colleagues to make a donation in support of your event.

Online Pages

It is quick and easy to set up an online giving page on sites such as Everyday Hero, Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.  Follow one of the links to get you started.

Collection Cans and Buckets

A can is ideal if you want to hold a collection at your event, or would like somewhere safe to keep donations and ours are shaped like Bobby the Bee so they are extra eye catching.  A bucket or two is perfect for holding a collection at larger events.

Highland Hospice T-Shirts

Our t-shirts are yellow with the Hospice logo on the front and 'Team Highland Hospice' emblazoned on the back.  Your event organisers or participants may like to wear these. They look great in photos.

Posters, Tickets and Banners

We can produce posters and flyers for you to circulate to promote your event in advance and if you need to issue tickets we can help produce those too.  We'll also lend you banners to publicise the work of the Hospice on the day of your event.


We have yellow balloons with the Hospice logo.  Ideal for handing out to children or the perfect way to brighten up any venue.

Pin Badges

We have a range of enamel pin badges with Celtic designs or the Hospice sunflower. You can sell these to raise extra income or issue as a gift to your guests for attending your fundraiser.

Large Sunflowers

Our fabric sunflowers come in a range of sizes up to about 20cm. These have pins on them, so you can either wear them or pin them to table cloths etc as a decoration. They are great way to identify who is organising and helping at the event.

Bobby the Bee

We will occasionally allow Bobby out of our sight, to attend community organised events. (On the condition he promises to bee-have himself!) If you feel Bobby would add to your event (he is particularly great with kids), please let us know and we will check his busy calendar for availability.

Be safe, be legal

Raising money for the Hospice can bring a huge amount of enjoyment for you and your friends but even fundraising has rules.  Here are a few pointers to help you be safe and legal.


Small events like a bake sale or coffee morning are low risk and not likely to need insurance but if you’re planning something bigger and outdoors like a sponsored walk or cycle you will need to undertake a risk assessment and ensure you have the right insurance cover.


If you’re holding an event like a coffee morning and want to sell cloakroom tickets on the day there is no licence required.  If you’d like to sell tickets in the days and weeks leading up to the event then you’ll need to have these printed and your draw needs to be registered with the Gambling Commission.  We can help with this so please contact the team for advice.


If you hope to collect money in a public place like the local high street you’ll need a licence from The Highland Council.  We can help you with an application but first consider if this is the best option for you.  Collections on private property such as football grounds, supermarkets and garden centres only need the permission of the property owner.  These are often a better and simpler option but still contact us first as we may know what other plans are in place around the same time you hope to do your fundraising.

Public entertainment and alcohol licences

Depending on the nature of your event you may need a public entertainment licence and/or a licence to sell alcohol.  These can be obtained from The Highland Council and you should check with the Council licensing department on 01349 886609.  They also have information on and of course you can phone us for advice.