20. Plant a Garden for Red Squirrels

20. Plant a Garden for Red Squirrels image

Artist: Ingebjorg Smith

The idea for 'Plant a Garden for Red Squirrels' is based on the idea that we could all do more more to help them by planting things that they like to eat in our gardens. Red Squirrels are making more of a come back in different areas in the Highlands. Everyone thinks of nuts & squirrel feeders with nut based stuff, but they don’t just eat nuts! They will enjoy quite a range of flowers & fruit seasonally, also insects, butterflies included. (Naughty, but its a good source of protein!). I picked out some of the more decorative plants to use in my design, something that would hopefully be fun & eye catching as well as informative.

Sponsor: Simpsons Garden Centre

Location: Simpsons Garden Centre, Inverness

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