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Team Thursday: Miriam and Grant

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Miriam MacDonald, 50, Inverness
Head Teacher, Crown Primary School
Two children - Holly, 23 and Eve, 18

Participating because.......

Our school works really closely with the Hospice and the pupils gain so much from the partnership, I wanted to thank them for that by fundraising.

In a sentence.......

Someone whose enthusiasm always outweighs their skill!

Interesting fact......

I now run a learning community where I never see my pupils, don’t hear bells that tell me when I should eat and I no longer get to dance in assembly…and yet the learning and sense of community that is happening is more than ever! Who knew that was possible?

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Grant Hodgson, 45, Culloden
Funeral Assistant
Single with Archie, 8

Participating because.......

I have known several people who have previously been in Strictly and I’ve seen how much they loved the whole experience so I decided this was my year to enter. I’ve had a couple of difficult years personally and I’m using this fantastic opportunity to take myself right out of my comfort zone as, up till now, my dancing experience has mainly consisted of shuffling around the dance floor at weddings!

In a sentence......

Amazing, awe-inspiring, incredible, phenomenal, prodigious, magnificent and a regular reader of thesauruses....

Interesting fact.......

Robbie Williams once held up a pair of my pants onstage.....

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Thank you to Miriam and David's corporate sponsors who are J&T Morrison Haulage Ltd and Pristine Clean Services Ltd

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