Tuk Tuk Challenge

Tuk Tuk Challenge image

Take to the handlebar and travel across northern Thailand like the locals – in your very own tuk tuk!

After some initial tuk tuk driver training you embark on our three-wheeled discovery of this colourful country. This 8-day challenge takes in temples, forests, traditional minority villages in the hills, national parks and waterfalls as you ride from the awe-inspiring Chiang Mai.

This adventure features the very best that Thailand has to offer for those prepared to step away from tourist trails and travel like the locals. It isn’t just fantastic sights that you’ll enjoy along the way, but also wonderful experiences – rafting downstream on bamboo rafts, exploring caves, picnic lunch by a waterfall, camping in the mountains and enjoying traditional feasts.

This isn’t just dipping a toe in the water, it’s total immersion in the wonderful and exciting culture of this South-East Asian gem.

How challenging is it?

The trip is graded as moderately challenging. Although most of your journey will be in the tuk tuks, you will be spending many hours in the driving seat with takes a lot of concentration.


18 May 2024 - 25 May 2024




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