Go Nuts with Highland Hospice

Bidding is now open online for our amazing squirrels. You can bid here.

Bidding on all 23 squirrels closes at our Go Nuts Dinner and Auction on Saturday 23rd November. If you want to make sure you are the highest bidder then please join us there.

If you can't attend the Auction you can submit a maximum bid proxy using this form.

Painted by local artists, these squirrels were warmly received and appreciated by groups, families and people of all ages - all over the Highlands.

Local wildlife sculptor Scott Gleed joined forces with a wide range of amateur and professional artists to create the sculptures, each of which was sponsored by a local business to whom we are hugely grateful for their support.

We are still updating the Go Nuts Facebook page as well as the Highland Hospice Facebook and Instagram pages with regular information about the sculptures.

Read about the inspiration for each squirrel below, and you can look at the map of locations to see which town hosted each one over the summer months.

Thanks to our Squirrel Sponsors

A huge thanks to all the businesses, estates and individuals who sponsored a squirrel on our Art Trail. Each squirrel came as a blank canvas and our sponsors chose from designs submitted by local artists. We could not have pulled this amazing trail together without your commitment and support.

Thanks to our Artists

We were delighted with the response to our call for designs. Professional artists and skilled amateurs all answered the call and submitted some excellent designs. The final choice for each squirrel was made by the sponsor and the end result is stunning.

Our Squirrels

    1. Wooly Jumper

    2. Cherry

    3. Coo Squirrel

    4. Winter Wild Woods

    5. The Map

    6. Talulabelle

    7. Spider Squirrel

    8. Vincent

    9. William

    10. Vivaldi

    11. Fraser

    12. Born to be Wild

    13. Ruaridh

    14. Nutkin

    15. Sweet Things

    16. Sunny

    17. Vista

    18. Hector

    19. Universe of Hope

    20. Plant a Garden for Red Squirrels

    21. Boat of Garten Squirrel

    22. Scuba Squirrel

    23. Seòras