Information for Health and Social Care Workers

To supplement the support provided through the Covid-19 ECHO cohorts we have assembled some resources to help health and social care workers caring for patients with Covid-19 and supporting their families.

Conversation Guides

Our staff have compiled two guides to support you as you engage with Covid-19 patients and their relatives:

A Guide to Difficult Conversations
A suggested template for planning and conducting anticipatory planning type conversations with patients or their relatives, with phrases to use or adapt for your situation

A Guide to High Emotion Conversations
An approach to conducting clinical or care conversations in the context of an upset or angry patient or relative responding to a difficult situation for them

Useful Information on Third Party Websites

Talking with people and families about planning care, death and dying

Anticipatory Care Planning for COVID-19

Resources for health and social care staff in Scotland concerning death and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic