Adverse Events ECHO -Involving patients and carers in reviews

Please note that this programme has now ended but there are early plans for a second term, looking at related topics. Information will be available over the summer.

What learning can patients and families add to adverse event reviews?

Patient and family engagement in adverse event reviews is likely to enhance learning and is viewed as an important part of the adverse event review process.

Project ECHO will be assisting the NES/HIS joint commission for safety openness and learning to explore this further in a learning community of practice with a specific focus on what difference involving patients and family makes to the quality of the review and the learning gained.


This ECHO network aims to bring together staff involved in adverse event reviews (risk governance leads, adverse event reviewers, clinicians acting as part of the review team). The group will form a community of practice focussed on how involving patients and their families in reviews enhances learning. This will be unique way to look at this subject and will involve input from specialists involved in the research as well as colleagues from the Netherlands.

Who is it for?

This echo network is for clinicians involved in reviews risk/governance leads, adverse event reviewers. We are interested in hearing from staff across all areas of the health service with an interest in how involving patients and families in reviews enhances learning.

Proposal for curriculum

An introduction to the sessions took place on Wednesday 30th March at 2pm with the opportunity to discuss the format and proposed curriculum and how the learning community will run.

The proposed curriculum is:

28th April 3-5pm

Specialist presenters, NHS Tayside – Sharon Hilton Christie Consultant Anaesthetist, Donna McEwan Clinical Governance & Risk Management Co-ordinator, Caitlyn Martin Medical Student

Improvement Work Involving Patients and Families in Adverse Event Reviews- how does this enhance learning ?

12th May 3-5pm

Specialist presenter, NHS Lothian - Edile Murdoch Consultant Neonatologist Maternity and Neo-natal

Work involving patients in families in adverse event reviews

19th May 3-5pm

Specialist presenter ,NES – Jean McQueen Principal Educator

Safety Openness and Learning- How patients can add to learning

26th May 3-5pm

Specialist presenter, Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands- Britt Myren, Petra Zusterzeel and Jur Koksma

Including patients in M&M reviews