Care Managers ECHO

Why Care Managers ECHO?

The ECHO project in Highland has been running programmes for both Care Homes and Care @ Home staff over the last few years. These networks allowed the hospice to build good links with care staff and allowed a two way flow of knowledge exchange about palliative care. Our activity with Care Homes was evaluated by the UHI in 2018.

In 2019 we managed to grow our Care @ Home ECHO to reach and attendance of almost 35 people each week and the future of these networks looked promising. However the emergence of COVID and our collective growth into looking at organisational resilience in care settings has changed the needs of both areas of the sector. After some discussions with representatives from the NHS and the voluntary sector we established that an ECHO network for care managers would allow this professional community the chance to design and own a curriculum based on shared needs from a managerial perspective.

Who is it for?

This ECHO network is aimed at care managers across the NHS and independent sector in Care Homes, Care @ Home teams, Enablement and First Responders in the community.

Proposed curriculum

A planning meeting is scheduled for the 2nd of February at 2pm (registration is open) to determine a start date, curriculum and frequency of meetings.