Care Homes

The Highland Hospice ECHO superhub has been discussing, with departments within the Scottish Government and NHS partners, ways to to expand the use of ECHO through replicating more hubs and networks throughout Scotland.

A first step in repositioning the superhub as a Scottish ECHO Centre has been the inclusion in recommendations within the Scottish Government Healthcare framework for adults living in care homes- My Health, My Care, My Home.

We have been granted some funding to prove the concept of ECHO through evaluation of ECHO for Care Homes in four key Health and Social Care Partnership areas determined by the Directorate for Social Care & NCS Development at Scottish Government. We are currently working closely with the Quality Improvement team within the directorate who also have oversight of the development of the framework.

This is an exciting opportunity for Project ECHO to develop an approach which is right for Scotland and enhanced by robust policy and quality assurance which can be recognised in all Health and Social Care Partnership Areas.

We will publish more information as this ECHO develops. To keep updated, register for this ECHO below.

Proposed programme

We will be looking for feedback shortly on the following broad topics which include:

  • Understanding complex needs around frailty in todays landscape and how that links to the wider MDT.
  • Positive lived experience during the pandemic.
  • Priorities in safe care.
  • Looking at complexity in admission and discharges at end of life.
  • Feeling good about your job.

Details for our introductory meeting will follow soon.