Improving Asthma Care for Patients and the Environment

Asthma outcomes in the UK are worse than the European average. Our treatment of asthma in the UK relies too heavily on short-acting beta agonists and, unlike many of our European neighbours, most of the SABA we prescribe is in the form of pMDI inhalers.

This type of inhaler is much more damaging to the environment than DPI inhalers and there is rarely a clinical indication for choosing a pMDI over a DPI.

NHS Scotland's Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy identified pMDIs as having a greater carbon footprint than the entire NHS Scotland vehicle fleet. They propose a target of a 70% reduction in pMDI inhalers by 2028.

To do this, we need to focus on: improving the quality of Asthma care; a migration to DPI inhalers, where clinically appropriate; and the correct disposal of used inhalers.

This one off education session is supported by ECHO in Highland and this will be considered along with other formats for potential future sessions.

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