Rehabilitation in Palliative Care ECHO

Why Rehabilitation in Palliative Care ECHO?

This ECHO network aims to bring together a community of practice for participants, from different clinical backgrounds, who are working towards rehabilitation for those with life-shortening illness.

Who is it for?

The ECHO network is likely to particularly appeal to Occupational and Physio-therapists but has attracted participants from a variety of additional disciplines during its first two terms.

ravi with a patient

This ECHO Network has now ended, a new network is planned for 2023, so stay tuned!

Proposed curriculum

Thursday 18th November 2pm (UK time)
Introduction to the new term and Project ECHO

Thursday 2nd December 2pm (UK time)
Specialist presenter -
Norma Higgott, Chaplain, Family Support, Highland Hospice
The contribution of family support services to rehabilitation in palliative care

Thursday 16th December 2pm (UK time)
Specialist presenters - Susan Fraser and Megan Urquhart, Complementary Therapists, Highland Hospice

The contribution of complementary therapies to rehabilitation in palliative care

Thursday 20th January 2pm (UK time)
Specialist presenter - Jen Devlin, Occupational Therapist, Highland Hospice

Palliative care day therapy services post COVID: Opportunities for evolution

Thursday 3rd February 2pm (UK time)
Specialist presenter - Angela MacDonald, The Beatson

The impact of Interventional pain management procedures in rehabilitation in palliative care

Thursday 17th Feb 2pm
Specialist presenter
Abby McCarthy, Orthopaedic Oncology Physiotherapist
Exercise prescription for cancer patients with bone metastases