Macmillan Nurses ECHO

We are very pleased to announce a new term of the Macmillan Nurses ECHO.

Meet the facilitators

Why Macmillan Nurse ECHO?

This ECHO network aims to bring together a community of practice for........

Who is it for?

The ECHO network is particularly aimed at Macmillan Nurse Specialists in Cancer and Palliative Care

Proposed curriculum

Topic - ‘Being With’ at the end of life – preparing the patient and family
Specialist presenter - Erna Haraldsdottir

Topic - Poor Renal Function – implications for End of Life Care
Specialist presenter - Mairead Thin

Topic - New approaches to Cancer treatment – decision-making and prognostication
Specialist presenter - Carol and Ute MacGregor

Topic - Learning from the pandemic – Lay and Social Carers and drug administration (JIC included)
Specialist presenter - Alison MacRobbie

Topic - So what’s so ‘special’ about ketamine
Specialist presenter - Gordon Linklater

Topic - Ad Nauseam - revisited
Specialist presenter

Topic - When drugs and love aren’t enough – Interventional procedures
Specialist presenter - Alison Mitchell

Topic - Complexity at home – accessing resource
Specialist presenter - Sian Marchant