Realistic Medicine

Realistic Medicine and ECHO

Realistic Medicine is tasked with the delivery of high quality, person centred care through the recovery and remobilisation of our planned services, while maintaining and evolving our emergency and urgent care capabilities. The practice of Realistic Medicine is recognised as being of key importance at this time.

In NHS Highland, the Realistic Medicine team have taken time to discover and define key areas where we can improve care and experience while reducing waste, harm and inequalities.

As part of a series of events in Autumn this year, we are collaborating with the Project ECHO team to deliver weekly expert sessions for our colleagues, focussed on short presentations followed by an opportunity for attendees to share and discuss complex or interesting case examples


We aim to to move and share knowledge and help teams identify new strategies and approaches to deliver excellent care with proposed sessions targeting:

From this we aim to:

  • Develop wide network of RM champions from across NHSH, partner organisations and our community
  • Deliver expert knowledge to wider community ‘Move knowledge, not people’
  • Engage, educate and empower participants to embed strategies and knowledge into their own daily practice
  • Inspire and encourage our workforce in the knowledge that their cases and contributions are valuable
  • Celebrate and scale areas of good practice and enthusiasm for innovative change
  • Provide workforce with agency to embed improvement practices and Measure change.

Proposed Curriculum

Sessions will run weekly throughout the month of September and will include speakers from NHS Highland, Public Health and the GMC.

The first session, Realistic conversations: how to put shared decision-making into real world practice will take place on Tuesday 6th September with our guest speaker being Dr Kirsty Boyd, a Reader in Palliative Medicine from NHS Lothian.

Dr Boyd will be well known to many for her pioneering work in communication skills teaching and particularly the development of the 'REDMAP' model.

We are working on finalising the curriculum at the moment and will publish this shortly.