New Loch Ness Gin Made in memory of Hospice Canyon Experience

14 December 2017

New Loch Ness Gin Made in memory of Hospice Canyon Experience  image

Highland company Loch Ness Spirits has created a brand new one-off drink, Highland Hospice Grand Gin, by fusing juniper berries from the Grand Canyon with their own hand-picked berries.

Lorien Cameron-Ross, who co-owns Loch Ness Spirits with her husband Kevin, visited the Grand Canyon as part of a group of 34 in September 2016 on a trek to raise funds for Highland Hospice.

During her time away Lorien spotted an unusual berry, which a knowledgeable ranger informed her was, although very different in appearance to those found in Scotland, a juniper berry.  Lorien soon roped her fellow group members into helping her pick the juniper.

She explained, “I told everyone that if they helped me pick the berries they would get some of the gin, and there were plenty offers of help.  We became juniper mules, but it was all legit!”

On returning from the Canyon, tragically one of the group of trekkers, Lenise Chisholm, found her cancer had returned and passed away very shortly afterwards.  Lorien then turned her attention to completing the special gin. She explained, “Losing Lenise was so incredibly sad for us all, and really made me think how quickly life passes and how you can’t just shelve things for another time. Nine months had already passed since our trip and I wanted to do this for Lenise and all the other canyoners to mark our incredible shared experience.”

Lorien added, “Our time in the Canyon involved so many different types of people coming together for a common purpose and that really was special. Highland Hospice’s fundraiser Carrie MacIntyre gave us a little story about the Hospice each morning and it really brought home why we were there.”

“I am so happy that I am now able to encapsulate the whole experience through this very special blend of gin, which will raise funds for the Hospice’s patients and their loved ones at the same time.”

Highland Hospice Grand Gin is now available in 500ml bottles (40% ABV) priced £44.99. You can order it by visiting . All profits from its sale will be donated to Highland Hospice.

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