30th Anniversary Awards

As we mark 30 years of care from Highland Hospice, the 30th Anniversary Awards will recognise and commend people who have helped the Hospice gain and retain a special place in the heart of the Highland community, and whose attitude and approach embodies the values of the organisation – team working, transparency, trust, commitment, and compassion.


    Recognising outstanding contributions to the success of Highland Hospice

    As the Awards are part of our celebration of the past 30 years, they are open to all those, current and past, with a connection to the Hospice.  The Awards recognise the impact made by individuals; this may be as a result of ‘small’ gestures over a long period or short but significant interventions.

    The 30th Anniversary Awards will be presented in five categories

    Outstanding Staff Member

    This will be awarded to a staff member whose contribution has made a significant positive impact on the well-being of our patients, and their families and carers.  This contribution may have been made either through direct contact or by facilitating and supporting the provision of Hospice services.

    Outstanding Volunteer

    This will be awarded to a volunteer who has shown significant personal commitment to the role or roles they have fulfilled at the Hospice and whose presence and contribution has contributed to a positive working environment for them and their colleagues.

    Outstanding Fundraiser

    This will be awarded to a fundraiser (non-staff) who has shown dedication, determination, creativity and commitment to ensure successful fundraising.  Although total income will be taken into consideration, it is as much about the relative success of their ventures within the context of their personal circumstances and networks.

    Outstanding Ambassador

    This will be awarded to any person (staff, volunteer or supporter) who has represented and advocated for the Hospice across the Highland community in a manner that reflects the values of the organisation and thus results in increased support for our aims and objectives.

    Outstanding Group Contribution

    This will be awarded to any group of people be they friends, a family, a community, staff or volunteer team who have worked together to deliver a significant positive contribution to the Hospice during the past 30 years.

    30th Anniversary Service

    The awards will be presented as part of our 30th Anniversary Service being held in Inverness Cathedral at 6.00pm on Sunday 19th November 2017.

    Nomination Process

    Nominations can be made by any staff member, volunteer or supporter using the paper, electronic or online forms available at the following locations:

    • Ness reception, Netley Reception, Nurses Office in the IPU, Fundraising Office in Ness House or any one of our 12 shops across the Highlands

    • Using our online nomination form
    • At the bottom of this page

    • Through the link posted on our Facebook pages – www.facebook.com/yourhighlandhospice or www.facebook.com/highlandhospiceshops

    • Completed electronic forms should be emailed to a.leaver@highlandhospice.org.uk

    • Completed paper forms can be handed in at Highland Hospice reception, any one of our 12 shops or posted in the suggestion boxes in the Hospice

    • Forms can also be posted to Andrew Leaver, Highland Hospice, Ness House, 1 Bishops Road, Inverness IV3 5SB

    Nominations must be received by midnight on Sunday 22nd October 2017.

    Hints and tips when nominating

    • Don’t think of ‘contribution’ or ‘support’ solely in monetary terms.  People can, for instance, contribute to creating a positive working environment; they can contribute innovative ideas; or they can be the one that sees a project or development through to completion.  Support can be about forming effective partnerships or speaking out in our favour not just giving a donation.
    • Don’t only think of the ‘big stuff’.  The Hospice is about people and the biggest impact people can have on people is often through small gestures and selfless acts of kindness
    • Don’t worry about length of service.  Although someone with a long connection to the Hospice has had more opportunity to make a significant contribution to our success; many people can do a lot through their words and deeds in just a short period of time.


    Nominations will be further researched and reviewed by a three person judging panel consisting of:

    • Senior Management Representative - Andrew Leaver, Head of Fundraising
    • Volunteer - Judith Matheson, former Chair of the Board of Trustees
    • Independent Panelist - Alistair Dodds, retired Chief Executive of The Highland Council

    Recommendations of the panel will be reviewed by the full Senior Management Team before being finalised.

    Please direct any enquiries to Andrew Leaver at a.leaver@highlandhospice.org.uk

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