Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

People in the Highlands have access to world leading care and support towards the end of life and in bereavement

Our Mission

Working together with all organisations and communities who share our vision, we will use our resources to help the people of the Highlands to live and die well and support families and carers to navigate the experience of death and dying.

Our Values

For those we serve:

  • Facilitating patient choice and independence is key to delivering good care
  • Providing sanctuary, respect and dignity is at the heart of our philosophy of care
  • Supporting family members and carers is integral to our model of care both during illness and after death

We will achieve this through our:

  • Commitment - We will strive to deliver the best for those we serve and the organisation
  • Compassion - We will be considerate of one another and we will support each other to achieve the organisation’s objectives
  • Team working - We will work together and in partnership with others to achieve the best outcomes
  • Transparency - We will demonstrate openness and transparency in all decision making
  • Trust - We will act with integrity and be honest, respectful and sincere in dealings with each other and our partners

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