Corporate Fundraising

Every year we work with companies throughout the Highlands, helping us to raise the funds we need to deliver our vital services. These pages provide information on the different ways your company can get involved as well as telling you a bit about some of the partnerships we already have in place.
If you have any questions, ideas or need further information please contact our Corporate Fundraiser, Karen Duff at

Alternatively if you are interested in volunteering with your Business, please click the link below.

Support Highland Hospice

Charity of the Year and one-off events

Supporting Highland Hospice over a set period of time (it doesn’t have to be a year) is a lot of fun and gives your staff the opportunity to get to know us and get more involved. It’s also a great way to further a charitable culture at your organisation or to mark a special anniversary or occasion.

Our Corporate Fundraiser, Karen, can help you plan a calendar of events to suit your business. These could involve customers suppliers and staff and incorporate fundraising, volunteering, sharing skills and giving in kind. We work with companies on one-off events too…. From black tie dinners to car raffles.

Give as you earn

Give as you earn (GAYE) is an easy way to donate to the hospice - it costs your employees less to give us more. It’s simple to set-up as part of your payroll processing. Employees can choose to opt in, and how much they would like to donate each time they are paid. The donation is deducted before tax is calculated so the employee will not have to pay the income tax normally due, and each donation is boosted by at least 25 per cent. Some companies also choose to make a matched donation.
For more information on GAYE please contact Karen or call 01463 243132. Alternatively you go straight to the Charities Aid Foundation website