Our People

Highland Hospice employs over 130 full and part-time staff across a range of clinical and medical services as well as support functions such as finance, human resources, facilities, fundraising and retail. We also benefit from the support of over 900 volunteers working in the Hospice, in our shops and fundraising in the community.

The Hospice is led by a Chief Executive supported by a Senior Management Team of four and a Lead Clinician. Oversight and strategic direction is provided by a Board of up to 12 trustees drawn from across all parts of the Highlands and bringing a range of skills and experience to their role. The Board provides oversight through a number of governance committees. Trustees serve up to two three year terms and are appointed through an open recruitment process.

To contact the Senior Management Team, Chair or any other Board Member please email Jo Chisholm, Secretary to the CEO and Board on j.chisholm@highlandhospice.org.uk.

Senior Management Team

Kenny Steele

Chief Executive

Email: k.steele@highlandhospice.org.uk

Lorraine Coe

Head of Clinical Services

Email: l.coe@highlandhospice.org.uk

Andrew Leaver

Head of Fundraising and Development

Email: a.leaver@highlandhospice.org.uk

Linda Lawton

Head of People

Email: l.lawton@highlandhospice.org.uk

Julie Douglas

Head of Finance and Facilities

Email: j.douglas@highlandhospice.org.uk

Lead Clinician

Dr Jeremy Keen

Consultant Physician in Palliative Care

Email: j.keen@highlandhospice.org.uk

Board of Trustees

Shona MacDougall

Joint Chair of the Board of Trustees; Member of the Finance Governance Committee

Shona was Director of Environment and Communities at Renfrewshire Council until her retirement in 2018 when she moved to Dornoch with her husband. Shona currently volunteers in the Hospice shop in Dornoch.

Stephen Pennington

Joint Chair of the Board of Trustees; Member of the People Governance Committee

Stephen was Managing Director of Highland Home Carers and he brings a wealth of experience in the delivery of social care at home and in working in partnership with local communities. This is particularly relevant in light of our 2018-2021 'Supporting our Compassionate Communities' strategy.

Dr Bill McKerrow

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees; Member of the Healthcare Governance Committee

Bill is a retired ENT consultant and currently associate postgraduate dean for NHS Highland / NHS Education.

Roisin Connolly

Member of the People Governance Committee

Roisin is currently Manager for Connecting Carers and brings a valuable perspective of the role and challenges for carers supporting loved ones living with palliative and end of life care needs.

Dr Charles Crichton

Chair of the Healthcare Governance Committee

Charles is a retired General Practitioner and community hospital doctor on the Isle of Skye who has recently obtained a further qualification in Palliative Medicine.

William Gilfillan

Member of the Care Governance Committee

William worked as Director of Community Services at The Highland Council until June 2019 and now runs his own business. William has personal family experience of Highland Hospice care which he describes as ‘amazing and humbling’ and wants to ensure our support continues across the region for many years to come.

Dr Jeff Howarth

Member of the Healthcare Governance Committee

Until his retirement in 2019 Jeff was the Vice Principal for Enterprise at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Dr Shona Macbryer

Advisor to the Board and the People Governance Committee

Shona is a retired clinical psychologist. Shona is acting as an advisory role to the Board until our next AGM at which point she will stand for election as a trustee.

Peter Mearns

Member of the Finance Governance Committee

Peter is a Chartered Accountant who retired as Senior Partner in the Inverness office of EY in 2015.

Donna Mortimer

Member of the Finance Governance Committee

Donna is Head of Finance and Procurement at Forest and Land Scotland. As well as bringing a strong financial understanding to the monitoring Hospice finances, Donna has a personal interest in supporting the Hospice and the individuals and communities we in turn support.

Dr Sara Ramsey

Member of the Healthcare Governance Committee

Sara is a Consultant Urologist at Raigmore Hospital. As well as working within a specialty where her patients can benefit from the support of Highland Hospice, Sara also has a wider personal interest in the running of the Hospice.

Roy Templeton

Member of the Finance Governance Committee

Roy is Senior Head of Communications with BBC Scotland. Roy is based in the Highlands and brings extensive media experience to support the Hospice as we engage our communities to act as partners in the delivery of new services.

Dr Maria Wybrew

Member of the Care Governance Committee

Maria is a General Practitioner at the Princes Street Surgery in Thurso and brings first-hand experience of working with palliative care patients in the community.