Community Services

At Highland Hospice, the focus of our care is not limited to the individual who is unwell; we also offer support and advice to their family and those close to them and we work with local communities to help them deliver social care and support for their population. This work is carried out by our Community Services Team.

    Providing care towards the end of life is as much about social support as it is about medical and clinical matters. As our society has developed, the process of death and dying has been increasingly institutionalised. At the same time families and communities have become more mobile and fragmented. Although we often think of the Highlands as having preserved a more connected community than other areas, research in 2016 reported that 67% of people aged 65 years and over in the Highlands feel lonely. This feeling of isolation is likely to increase as health declines and the ability to interact through normal daily living decreases. We do not wish anyone to die alone or feel lonely and this extends to those who may become socially isolated through the act of caring for a loved one.

    The Community Services Team encompasses a wide range of social and community services which provide support direct from the Hospice to individuals who need it, and also by working in partnership with local communities to help them meet the unique needs of their population. You can read about the different strands to our Community Services Team below.