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Highland Hospice Launches Local Hospice Lottery

9 April 2012

Highland Hospice has announced an exciting new fundraising initiative in the form of a weekly lottery.

Local Hospice Lottery, which has been introduced as part of the Hospice’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, gives people in the Highlands the opportunity to win up to £1,500 each week.  The Lottery has a total weekly prize fund of £3,000, and a rollover prize which can reach up to £10,000.

Each chance to take part in the lottery costs just £1, with lottery software randomly generating a six digit lottery number for the player.  Prizes are issued automatically so you don’t need to worry about remembering to check your game number and claim your prize.

Four sisters who are supporting the Hospice’s Local Hospice Lottery are Valerie Learmonth, Fiona Wilson, Eileen Calveley and Nicola Morris. Their father Hugh had oesophageal cancer and was cared for by the Hospice in 2010.

Fiona said, “We feel really privileged that Dad was looked after by Highland Hospice. The Hospice gave him back his dignity, which was such a massive part of his overall care, alongside the pain relief.”

Eileen added, “It was the attention to detail which struck me – from the flowers and little doilies on his dinner tray down to a beautiful patchwork quilt being placed over him on his last day, to replace the clinical white sheets.”

“The staff were there for us too”, commented Nicola. “We were always made welcome, and never felt in the way.  One morning I arrived to find a magazine in Dad’s room, so I knew that someone had taken the time to sit with him through the night. We were also offered soup one night when we were tired and hungry and dreading the thought of another take-away.  All of these details are lasting memories for us.”

Valerie said, “On Dad’s last day of consciousness, he did something really special by proposing to Sheila, his partner of 18 years. Again, the staff were just wonderful – once they realized what was happening, they got him dressed and washed, and combed his hair. A bottle of fizzy wine was brought in with some champagne flutes. It was such a special and emotional moment, which wouldn’t have been possible had he been cared for elsewhere.”

“The Hospice is a special place – Dad described it as Heaven,” added Eileen.  “It is because of this that we would all urge as many people as possible to take part in Local Hospice Lottery.  Each chance of winning helps to enable Highland Hospice to provide the level of care that our father received.” 

Highland Hospice is the fourth UK hospice to join the Local Hospice Lottery, which has been running since 1996.

Local Hospice Lottery is drawn every Friday, with a top weekly prize of £1,500, a second prize of £400, a third prize of £100 and 100 prizes of £10 each. If the second prize is not won, it rolls over each week to a maximum of £10,000.  Highland Hospice receives between 40p and 60p from every £1, with the potential for this figure to rise as the popularity of the lottery increases. This compares to as little as 5p in every £1 going to charities with the National Lottery.

Highland Hospice’s Director of Fundraising, Communications & Retail, Andrew Leaver, said, “I would urge people all over the Highlands to participate in the Local Hospice Lottery.  Your chances of winning our top prize are approximately three times better than your chance of winning a similar prize in the National Lottery’s Lotto Draw.
“As a registered charity, our services are given completely free of charge. This is only achieved because of the support we receive from the Highland community. All proceeds from lottery tickets purchased in the Highlands will be used to deliver services in the Highlands.”

To join Local Hospice Lottery, all you need to do is complete a simple application form. These will be available from Highland Hospice and its shops, or online at www.localhospicelottery.org or www.highlandhospice.org/lottery

Alternatively, a form can be requested by calling 0845 122 0772, by emailing info@localhospicelottery.org or by writing to ‘FREEPOST LOCAL HOSPICE LOTTERY’

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