Martha Tiffen speaks about Sunflower Home Care

10 June 2021

Martha Tiffen speaks about Sunflower Home Care image

In December 2020, Highland Hospice launched 'Sunflower Home Care’, a new provision which further extends our partnership with local and rural communities.

Martha Tiffen is Care at Home Co-ordinator for the Three Glens area – Fort Augustus, Glenmoriston and Glengarry - where six staff are currently employed, with another four about to join the team.

Martha explains, “Taking on the position of Care at Home Co-ordinator has been extremely satisfying. It is wildly different to my previous position working as a care assistant in a care home, and in many ways I continue to learn as I go along.”

“I receive requests for care from the NHS as they refer people to us who would benefit from help with personal care, medication, preparing meals etc.”

“Upon receiving these, I do an assessment – meeting both the client and their family. In some cases there isn’t the time to do this, particularly if the client has just been discharged from hospital, in which case I will rely on their medical notes.”

“I received first class training from Highland Hospice which helped so much with my confidence in being able to deliver this. Paula, Marilla, Siobhan and Ravi were all so good at explaining things clearly. What I particularly liked about their training was that they treat everyone as equal – nobody is treated as more important than anyone else, and I instantly felt accepted and part of the team.”

“One of the best parts of this job is working with the team I have here. The girls are so passionate and they give their all to working with whatever they have got.

"Perhaps one of the most challenging things for me as co-ordinator is keeping everyone on side without changing my relationship with them. Some of our carers are ladies that I have grown up with. We are all part of a small community where we all look out for each other.”

“My team and I are so delighted to be delivering ‘Sunflower Home Care.’ We feel like we are making a genuine real difference to the whole community – as it’s not just the person we are caring for that we are helping, it’s their whole family. Often a family member or members have been responsible for the whole care package and this takes a real toll on their physical and mental health. It can become so difficult, particularly with illnesses such as dementia. Through our training in ‘The Principles of Dementia Care’ we can help a person’s loved ones understand the reasons for their behaviour and help them to cope better.”

“Sunflower Home Care is a huge achievement for us – and for the Hospice – as historically this would never have worked due to the mileage involved and the size of our area. I do think the pandemic has helped its success, as it has made having a secure job all the more desirable.”

“I am so grateful to be given this opportunity and am so appreciative of the Hospice’s fantastic support and their confidence in me to deliver this project.”

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