Make a Will in May to Support Highland Hospice

13 April 2022

Make a Will in May to Support Highland Hospice image

Highland Hospice is offering supporters the chance to put their affairs into order by participating in the charity’s ‘Make a Will Month’ throughout May.

Several solicitors companies from across the region have offered their support, offering to draw up a will in exchange for a donation to Highland Hospice.

Corporate Fundraiser Karen Duff said, “Many people are afraid to make a will – perhaps they don’t know where to start or are afraid of the cost. Our incredible partner solicitors are on board to guide you through the process, and will donate the fee they receive to the Hospice.

Last year Lee Duff took part in ‘Make a Will Month’, and was glad she had done so when, just three months later, she received a cancer diagnosis.

Lee said, “I had been meaning to update my will for a long time, but like many of us it was something I just never got round to doing. I was aware of ‘Make a Will Month’ that the Highland Hospice run each year, and having had experience of friends and family in the Hospice, I was aware of the wonderful facility and the support it provides.

Last year I finally got round to it. It was quick, easy and the suggested donation was forwarded to the Hospice.

We always think we’re not old enough to need a will, but everyone should have one as you never know what’s round the corner. It gave me peace of mind knowing my will was finally updated and I then went on to utilise the services of my chosen solicitor for other matters”.

To make your will and support Highland Hospice’s work in the Hospice and throughout communities in the Highlands, please click here to access a full list of participating solicitors.

For any enquiries, please email our corporate fundraiser Karen Duff

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