What is Project ECHO?

Project ECHO (Extension of Community Health Outcomes) was established in Highland in 2016. The project has grown each year and we work closely with our partners in NHS Highland, Highland Council and the voluntary sector. We also work at a national level as a Superhub and strive to make ECHO as accessible as possible for all areas of Health and Social Care by encouraging and enabling the creation of new hubs.

Project ECHO, initially developed in New Mexico as an online methodology to support community healthcare professionals to treat individuals infected with Hepatitis C, is now a rapidly expanding global network. Project ECHO aims to democratise learning through mentoring and building communities of practice aided by multi-site video-conferencing.

Learn more about Project ECHO at the University of New Mexico’s website.

We are in the process of changing

We have been running ECHO networks across multiple fields of work beyond palliative care as well as having trained multiple hub sites around Scotland. In order to further this work, be recognised as a multi disciplinary provider and create more sustainability for the hubs we train, we are changing our name to the Scottish Centre for Project ECHO. A new website is underway and will be ready in September. The SCforPE will be an extension of the work undertaken by Highland Hospice but more efficiently aligned to other agencies. A current example is our partnership with the Scottish Government care directorate to develop ECHO for care homes in line with their framework. This funding has made the new website possible.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to discuss ways in which Highland Hospice might help you develop your own ECHO communities of practice (in any health or social care field, not just palliative and end of life care) please contact either Kirsty Bateson, Project ECHO Development Lead at or Jeremy Keen at


Visit us on Twitter @HHProjectECHO


ECHO is:

  • cost effective and inexpensive to run.
  • compatible with all governance frameworks.
  • an all teach all learn environment with no hierarchies.
  • proven in the US to reduce waiting times for patients (and has saved lives).
  • quick to mobilise in a crisis. In March 2020 we set up three Highland wide COVID networks in 72 hours.
  • energising! A chance to feel the joy of work. Providing a welcoming and easy experience with defined learning goals is deeply ingrained in the values of the ECHO movement.

If you are interested in facilitating or leading an ECHO network or would like to enquire about support to develop a hub then please contact Kirsty Bateson the ECHO Development Lead at